Liza Lash is a professional makeup artist and beauty expert with a passion for sharing her beauty secrets.

Her career began at age 18 in Moscow where she ran a successful makeup and lash studio for 6 years. It furthered in 2014 when she moved to the United States and began sharing her beauty secrets and makeup looks on Instagram. Thousands of people enjoyed her content and consistently asked for her beauty and skincare tips. When Liza's following surpassed 200k in 2016, she was discovered by L’Oreal Paris and signed as a model and brand ambassador for two years.

Today Liza is known for down to earth makeup advice, the love for her 12 year old son and husband, her fashionable photos, and her commitment to speaking with every person who asks for beauty tips and advice on social media.

The “Beauty Sphere” is the next stage in her journey, and is just the beginning of a full line of cosmetic and skincare products!

"I think everyone on our planet is incredibly beautiful in their own unique way, and that beauty is far deeper than just our exterior image. With the launch of my first product I wanted to create something special that adds meaning to every women's daily skincare routine. That's why I chose a product based around each individual's astrology. My Beauty Spheres cleanse all skin types and work to remove dirt, oil, and makeup leave your skin smooth, glowing and refreshed! I'm so appreciative of your support and can't wait to share more with you!" - Liza