Liza traveled the world for inspiration to create a product for beauty lovers to enjoy:

Something that was as effective as it was meaningful – something that felt truly personal to everyone who used it. Liza first discovered the concept of a cleansing sphere while staying in a small town in Japan and exploring Japanese skincare. Using a sphere as a platform inspired her with new possibilities.

The idea was to not only design a product which was effective at removing makeup, dirt and oils, leaving a legendary glow, but also contained meaning, and was fun to use. 

Beyond quality skincare ingredients, Liza was adamant about infusing her product with meaning.

It was then during a trip to the Mayan Lands of Tulum that this deeper meaning came into focus after befriending a group of Mayan spiritualists and healers.

Over the course of a month they imparted their philosophies on the universe, oneness and our connection to Mother Earth.

When Liza mentioned what she was seeking to accomplish with the sphere, one of them – a "light-warrior" and healer who grew up alongside Mayan temples – offered to help identify and pair specific aromas and ingredients by leveraging his knowledge of astrology.

And thus the Beauty Sphere was born: a uniquely personal cleansing orb that not only leaves skin fresh, glowing and vibrant, but also exudes scents calibrated to everyone’s astrological orientation.

Each sphere can last 1-3 months*, and is travel-friendly with no mess or leaks.

Rejuvenate your skin and spirit wherever your journeys take you with Liza Lash’ Beauty Sphere – the cosmos is in the palm of your hand.

*Beauty Spheres are designed to last between 30 and 90 days when subject to normal daily use (2 face washes per day + with the sphere kept dry after each use). Leaving your sphere in a wet/damp shower will cause it to deteriorate at faster rates.