The Beauty Sphere is a skincare cleansing orb designed to give your skin a silky feeling and stunning glow while removing impurities, makeup, dirt and oils. The Beauty Sphere is made in Japan with high quality ingredients.

Yes! Your Beauty Sphere can be used multiple times. With the average face wash routine of 2 times per day, your sphere should last up to 3 months. When you finish using your sphere keep it dry to prolong its life.

While there is no scientifically proven measurement, during the Beauty Sphere's development process Liza partnered with one of her friends, a lifetime astrologist and natural healer who grew up in Mayan temples. With his knowledge of astrology he helped Liza identify specific scents and oils with aroma-therapeutic properties as well as selecting custom colors for each sphere that he believes people with specific astrological signs will gravitate towards and appreciate. We hope that by providing products inspired by your astrology they take on additional meaning in your own life.

Our ingredients are listed on the individual product page for each sphere. Ingredients vary slightly from sphere-to-sphere. Please check the ingredients tab on the individual product you're interested in.

In order to form the shape of the sphere, our factory in Japan uses a latex balloon as the mould for the product. This balloon is popped and removed before use. However, those with a latex allergy should not use the Beauty Sphere. If you believe you may have an allergy to latex, please consult your doctor and do not use the Beauty Sphere.

No, the Beauty Sphere is only available on our official website.